The Expansion bellows are being manufactured based on proven technology used worldwide to meet various applications in the industry. The product sizes range from 75mm to 1500mm inner diameter in circular bellow. The expansion bellows with single and multi ply with necessary accessories and fittings are part of the product range. The expansion bellows can be tailor made to meet specific requirements of the customer within the available product range. The objective of our company is to produce high quality products at competitive prices.

These bellows are made up of alloy 316 stainless steel, stock alloys 304 and 321 with other special alloys.

Expansion Bellows are employed in piping systems to absorb differential thermal expansion while containing the system pressure. They are being used in refineries, chemical plants, power systems, heating and cooling systems etc.

With the support of our sound manufacturing unit, we are manufacturing and exporting a wide range of universal bellows to absorb the combination of three basic movements, such as axial, lateral and angular.

Types of Bellows:

  • Circular Bellow (Standard Range 75mm to 3000 mm inner diameter) but may be larger on customer demand
  • Square Bellow (On Special Request)
  • Rectangular Bellow (On Special Request)

Types of Fittings:

  • Fixed Flange
  • Welded End
  • Floating Flange

Manufacturing Products